Ongoing Campaigns (Formerly known as Summer Campaign 2013)

Chapter 7: Troll and Toad-stools

After having survived their initial foray into the underdark, the party felt confident that they could take most anything that came along to fight them. When they encountered a pair of gricks, this seemed even more true. The bag containing a wooden box of small, fine quality fox fur shoes was strange and the tiny, winged skeleton stranger, but those can’t be that important, right? Breaking out their druid’s trusty nature magic to locate the mushroom clusters, they set off in the direction of the magical signatures. These led them to a strange cave which seemed to be steeped in magic and absolutely filthy. After squashing some giant cave beetles, the adventurers were largely unfazed as they then encountered a zombified kobold in a blue robe. A quick bit of turning undead made that fight end before it had really started, and the party seemed keen to go ahead and claim all the underdark’s treasures for themselves. This, however, is where the story turns tragic. Ernie had gone to scout ahead and was in hysterics as the adventurers peered around the corner at the source of the halfling’s fright, a strange looking troll, warped by it’s subterranean lifestyle and the powerful magic explosion that it was subjected to not long ago. Even with the best efforts to sneak around and not wake the sleeping troll, it woke up of its own accord unfortunately. After a long and bloody fight, Ignus decided on a bold gambit. Even though he had already been badly beaten, he was to change forms into a lizardman and try to sneak behind the troll to strike the killing blow. Unfortunately for him, the troll saw him. Picking him up in its massive claws, the fearsome troll tore his enlarged and scaly body in half, killing him almost instantly…After this, the troll was felled easily, but even in victory, the results of this fight weighed heavily on the unlikely heroes.



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