Ongoing Campaigns (Formerly known as Summer Campaign 2013)

Chapter 6: Hide and Don't Look

Upon bailing their friend out of jail temporarily (and recruiting a new “secretary” in the process) our “heroes” went to see the knight who the rogue had just robbed. After some fanciful wordplay from the necr-rogue…yeah, the other rogue…Ser Willis Welles offered them a deal. In exchange for bailing Vash out of jail, they decided to treat him as only a marginal member of the guild and additionally they would agree to a request that Welles’ chef had for them. This saw them now sent to the dreaded underdark in search of Jarak Mushrooms, a rare and controversial delicacy known throughout the land for their interesting properties. The trip proved uneventful until they actually walked down into the gloomy depths. Here they were met with attacks which they could not see and beasts too fearsome to look at. Despite this, they actually managed to defeat the pair of phantom fungi with relative ease and did not even seem to break a sweat when fighting blind against the attacking basilisk. Maybe these yahoos are heroes after all?…



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