Ongoing Campaigns (Formerly known as Summer Campaign 2013)

Adventures in Ágrinon: Prologue

Prelude to a Kill (or two...hundred)

Ágrinon, known as the far land in the terminology of the standard imperial dialect, lies a long distance to the east of the New Norontion Empire’s lands in Ólias and Nevaas. Despite this, it is the very land from whence the empire’s namesake hails, though the old Norontion empire has long since faded into an even more distant memory in the minds of the local inhabitants. Ágrinon currently is a patchwork of five kingdoms, separated by geography and not united since the days of the empire. In the former empire’s heartland of steep mountains and high plains on the west coast lies the kingdom of Allérennós (known in the standard dialect as Allermont) To the north sits the dense and nearly impenetrable forest that dominates the ancient kingdom of Breckenthwaite, home to both man and elf kind. In the central mountain ranges which split the landmass in two can be found the prosperous dwarven kingdom of Ûndkatlia. To the southeast lie the rugged steppes of the kingdom of Altang, which extend seemingly endlessly until they reach the coast. To the north of there lies the Kingdom of Eestmir, situated amid forests, marshes, and islands.

At this particular time in Allermont, as the empire-minded citizens of Norness call it, people fear for their lives. The kingdom’s cities and towns are under almost constant threat of raiding tribes to their east which pillage the wealth of a burgeoning empire in its infancy and threaten all the time-honored imperial heritage that the sons and daughters of Norness hold dearly. That is why we gather hear to tell the tale of four conscripts garrisoned in a small border fort. Today is their day, not that they are great heroes or anything…



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