Ongoing Campaigns (Formerly known as Summer Campaign 2013)

Chapter 4 Part II: Frontal Assault

The party found their way from the fort to a nearby town where they were met with the various oddities of the strange denizens, a people to whom the most pressing matters always involved vegetables. After resting and carrying on at the local pub, the party set out once again to investigate the large structure. They found though, that while their initial retreat was successful, their later attempts at stealth proved less so. While the party attempted to scale the walls of the fortress, they attracted the notice of a kobold guard, and the alarm was subsequently raised. Inside, a battle line of human and half-orc cultists formed along with some mephit allies to repel the attackers. Although Ernie and Ignus were beaten within an inch of their lives in the ensuing battle, the six adventurers ultimately routed the occupying forces. Unfortunately, the skirmish attracted the attention of a nearby army, and the party was forced to flee the flaming structure with more questions than answers. With them, they managed to take a chest of valuables and several small bags of assorted loot from the central room of the keep. Now at a reasonably safe distance away, the fleeing adventurers search for a place to hide and think over the day’s events.

Chapter 4 Part I: On the Road Again

The party left Cape Bracha in search of information about the mysterious Cult of Dagh’oreb. Their first destination was to be the cave where they had previously entered the land’s vast underdark after being lured there by the blue-robed cultists. While on their way however, the adventurers encountered a pair of mysterious figures robed in red. Believing them to be somehow affiliated with the cult of Dagh’oreb, the party chased them at length for some days time. After following the robed people for a sufficiently long time, eventually a large structure came into view.
Initially rebuffed by crossbow-wielding guards, the party decided to make camp a ways away and investigate under the cover of darkness.

Chapter 3: In Town

The party’s arrival in Cape Bracha saw them amidst the commotion of the unloading of a recently docked Imperial Highliner. The adventurers mostly kept to the comparatively deserted parts of town however. They were some of the day’s only customers at the blacksmith’s and the fletcher. At the local magic shop the psion enquired about others like him while purchasing some crystals to work with. Having performed his act well at the inn, Delam also managed to earn the party a free stay at the inn. After about a week, the party went to see the sheriff who told them that there is indeed a cult whose presence is problematic. As such, he offered them a reward for more information regarding the cult. With that, the adventurers set off in search of answers.

Chapter 2: What Lies Beneath

This session saw the party leaving Beckminster Manor with the mission of pursuing information regarding the Cult of Dagh’oreb. Having learned that a reward would be offered for such knowledge in the town of Cape Bracha, the party soon found and began to chase a pair of cultists on the road. With the cultists aided by a mysterious philter which granted them inhuman speed, the party managed to catch up only as the cultists went into a cave by the side of the road. Upon following them inside, the adventurers became trapped by a cave in which, while killing the cultists, blocked the way out. After descending a ways into the cave and successfully navigating some strange traps, the party found themselves in part of Nevaas’ vast undrdark. The silence of the caves was soon broken by a group of wandering dwarven miners. Bruni Bronzebeard, Sammi Stonecutter, and Rrúdi Redsword were far from their home village of Ucat and had gotten somewhat lost while running away from something… Something big… As it turned out, the rather large something was an ogre enslaved to beings even more foul and tasked with pulverizing intruders. The party made surprisingly short work of this however, as a magic sling stone, a thrown knife, and several other hits managed to fell the beast. After this, the party and their new found dwarven friends barely had any time to rest before more enraged thralls came to put an end to their advances. This time it was an army of Duergar, some of them psionic, that came to halt our heroes in their quest to find out exactly what was going on. After fighting their way successfully through the grey dwarves, the party faced one more challenge. This came in the form of drow wizard who served as lieutenant for for the evil beings that are apparently invading this land’s underdark in search of fresh brains. The wizard looked a formidable foe at first, armed with magic spells and a bodyguard comprised of astral constructs and earth elementals. He was, however, no match for a charge from the warforged and his new, albeit a bit too big, greatclub. With their master dead, the summoned army continued to fight with even greater vigor. This was, however, no match for the party’s juggernaut as they slew them with ease. After having bidden farewell to their newly made friends, the adventurers found another exit to the caves which put them within an hour’s walk from the town of Cape Bracha. What will happen next? Will our heroes find the sheriff and tell him what they know? Will one of them turn out to be a cultist? Will the the disguised kobold in the party finally admit his love for the disguised troglodyte? Find out by tuning in next time on The 2013 Summer Campaign…

Chapter 1: A Mysterious Invitation.

Upon receiving strange written invitations, the members of the party all met at a gathering in the home of Ranald A. Beckminster, a relatively low ranking member of the imperial nobility. Over the course of the meal, Beckminster explained to them the proposition which was the reason for the gathering. He wished to assemble a group of people to retrieve for his collection an idol from an ancient religion that he had read about. After some minor difficulties in reaching the cave where the idol was kept (including dangerous paths, rockslides, and an angry weasel) the party stumbled on some less than friendly goblins, who it made relatively short work of. After navigating their way deeper into the cave and the temple within it (having swam through a flooded tunnel and pushed a pressure plate to cross a chasm), the party surprised a band of not entirely prepared cultists, who it proceeded to summarily beat the crap out of. After looting the place for all valuables (including the idol), the party chased after some stragglers on the way back and recovered a carved fragment of whale bone inscribed with strange markings. It is back at the manor house that we will rejoin our heroes the following morning.

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