Ongoing Campaigns (Formerly known as Summer Campaign 2013)

Chapter 4 Part II: Frontal Assault

The party found their way from the fort to a nearby town where they were met with the various oddities of the strange denizens, a people to whom the most pressing matters always involved vegetables. After resting and carrying on at the local pub, the party set out once again to investigate the large structure. They found though, that while their initial retreat was successful, their later attempts at stealth proved less so. While the party attempted to scale the walls of the fortress, they attracted the notice of a kobold guard, and the alarm was subsequently raised. Inside, a battle line of human and half-orc cultists formed along with some mephit allies to repel the attackers. Although Ernie and Ignus were beaten within an inch of their lives in the ensuing battle, the six adventurers ultimately routed the occupying forces. Unfortunately, the skirmish attracted the attention of a nearby army, and the party was forced to flee the flaming structure with more questions than answers. With them, they managed to take a chest of valuables and several small bags of assorted loot from the central room of the keep. Now at a reasonably safe distance away, the fleeing adventurers search for a place to hide and think over the day’s events.



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