Ongoing Campaigns (Formerly known as Summer Campaign 2013)

Adventures in Ágrinon: Prologue
Prelude to a Kill (or two...hundred)

Ágrinon, known as the far land in the terminology of the standard imperial dialect, lies a long distance to the east of the New Norontion Empire’s lands in Ólias and Nevaas. Despite this, it is the very land from whence the empire’s namesake hails, though the old Norontion empire has long since faded into an even more distant memory in the minds of the local inhabitants. Ágrinon currently is a patchwork of five kingdoms, separated by geography and not united since the days of the empire. In the former empire’s heartland of steep mountains and high plains on the west coast lies the kingdom of Allérennós (known in the standard dialect as Allermont) To the north sits the dense and nearly impenetrable forest that dominates the ancient kingdom of Breckenthwaite, home to both man and elf kind. In the central mountain ranges which split the landmass in two can be found the prosperous dwarven kingdom of Ûndkatlia. To the southeast lie the rugged steppes of the kingdom of Altang, which extend seemingly endlessly until they reach the coast. To the north of there lies the Kingdom of Eestmir, situated amid forests, marshes, and islands.

At this particular time in Allermont, as the empire-minded citizens of Norness call it, people fear for their lives. The kingdom’s cities and towns are under almost constant threat of raiding tribes to their east which pillage the wealth of a burgeoning empire in its infancy and threaten all the time-honored imperial heritage that the sons and daughters of Norness hold dearly. That is why we gather hear to tell the tale of four conscripts garrisoned in a small border fort. Today is their day, not that they are great heroes or anything…

Return from hiatus and new campaign
Welcome back

Hello again you party people. Here we are back and ready (at least in the writing department) to run another campaign over skype during the school year since not a lot happened over the summer. This post is here to mark a break between the old (admittedly incomplete) adventure log and one for the new one.

Chapter 8: I want my Mummy

Mourning the loss of their companion but not wanting to give up on their mission, our party of brave (or just stupid) travelers followed their druid’s spell once again to a source of mushrooms. This time it led them right to the very tomb of Jarak, the cruel warlord for which they are named. Inside they found some mushrooms growing almost immediately, but another signature hinted at the presence of more relatively nearby. Upon following this, the party found themselves in a puzzling room with only a cryptic hint as to how to pass safely. After crossing the spear-trapped floor in knights moves from chess, the adventurers found themselves in another room. This one was occupied by the aspiring jack-of-all-trades adventurer who wrote the hints. He was found lying dead on the floor, but came back as a barrow wight due to the eldritch magics that pervaded the place. After dispatching this threat, they continued on a few baubles the richer. On the other side of the room they found their way into a malfunctioning magic portal which put them through two cursed hallways. One hall was long and narrow and covered with the moss and slime of neglect. The other corridor was short and wide and festooned with treasures befitting a king. After no major mishaps and only a few subtle curses, they found their way cautiously through to the other side, where they were met with a fearsome panorama. The room was large and cavernous, with a fairly narrow pathway across a deep chasm. This path proved to be guarded by the animate skeletons of warriors and mindless slaves from Jarak’s army. These were ultimately no match for the intrepid band of lunatics and their undead-turning, skeleton-shattering cleric. After raiding the place for several useful items, the party continued on through the rusty iron door and into a maze of confusing tunnels. After successfully identifying the dead end and managing not to fall into the pit, they found their way to the huge stone door that guarded the burial chamber. The adventurers faced a challenging puzzle at the door, but were provided with the answer from an unlikely source, the old bard’s tale of Jarak the Warlord as told by Anna, the girl from New Clerkenwell. Upon opening the door, the group found themselves in the rough-hewn and humid chamber in which Jarak was rumored to be buried. As they looked around, they were startled to find that the pool of water in the center was roiling and seething with a foul energy as the sarcophagus bearing Jarak’s mummified undead form rose forth from the water. This battle proved to be very tough, but eventually, the leathery pile of putrefaction was put violently and permanently to rest. Despite the many injuries and curses that the party had suffered, they emerged from this adventure all the richer and more experienced for having conquered the tomb.

Chapter 7: Troll and Toad-stools

After having survived their initial foray into the underdark, the party felt confident that they could take most anything that came along to fight them. When they encountered a pair of gricks, this seemed even more true. The bag containing a wooden box of small, fine quality fox fur shoes was strange and the tiny, winged skeleton stranger, but those can’t be that important, right? Breaking out their druid’s trusty nature magic to locate the mushroom clusters, they set off in the direction of the magical signatures. These led them to a strange cave which seemed to be steeped in magic and absolutely filthy. After squashing some giant cave beetles, the adventurers were largely unfazed as they then encountered a zombified kobold in a blue robe. A quick bit of turning undead made that fight end before it had really started, and the party seemed keen to go ahead and claim all the underdark’s treasures for themselves. This, however, is where the story turns tragic. Ernie had gone to scout ahead and was in hysterics as the adventurers peered around the corner at the source of the halfling’s fright, a strange looking troll, warped by it’s subterranean lifestyle and the powerful magic explosion that it was subjected to not long ago. Even with the best efforts to sneak around and not wake the sleeping troll, it woke up of its own accord unfortunately. After a long and bloody fight, Ignus decided on a bold gambit. Even though he had already been badly beaten, he was to change forms into a lizardman and try to sneak behind the troll to strike the killing blow. Unfortunately for him, the troll saw him. Picking him up in its massive claws, the fearsome troll tore his enlarged and scaly body in half, killing him almost instantly…After this, the troll was felled easily, but even in victory, the results of this fight weighed heavily on the unlikely heroes.

Chapter 6: Hide and Don't Look

Upon bailing their friend out of jail temporarily (and recruiting a new “secretary” in the process) our “heroes” went to see the knight who the rogue had just robbed. After some fanciful wordplay from the necr-rogue…yeah, the other rogue…Ser Willis Welles offered them a deal. In exchange for bailing Vash out of jail, they decided to treat him as only a marginal member of the guild and additionally they would agree to a request that Welles’ chef had for them. This saw them now sent to the dreaded underdark in search of Jarak Mushrooms, a rare and controversial delicacy known throughout the land for their interesting properties. The trip proved uneventful until they actually walked down into the gloomy depths. Here they were met with attacks which they could not see and beasts too fearsome to look at. Despite this, they actually managed to defeat the pair of phantom fungi with relative ease and did not even seem to break a sweat when fighting blind against the attacking basilisk. Maybe these yahoos are heroes after all?…

Chapter 5 Part II: Vash Gets in Deep...

Vash was the man with the plan come nightfall. He overheard Ser Willis Welles, a landed knight, talking at the bar. He couldn’t remember the specific fiefdom that the man was lord of, but he knew the heraldic device of a rich entitled man-child when he saw one. He looked into the location and found that the knight had a manor house in New Clerkenwell. This was to be the target for his biggest caper yet. He was all ready to break in when he noticed that there was a convenient entrance other than the front door. There was a sewer grate at street level which looked to lead into the house. This was to be his point of entry. After prying the grate loose, the sly thief crept in and before long was standing before a downspout that led up into the house. The clever gnome climbed up and fit easily enough into the drain and soon had climbed a decent distance up it. This is where everything began to go wrong for our devious hero. He was struck in the face with…nightsoil…This did not put a damper in his spirits however, and he climbed to the top. When he lifted the lid however, he was shocked to find a surprised drunken guard who, upon being cut by a toilet-gnome’s knife, slammed the lid down and fled to alert the rest of the house. Upon returning to the “point of entry” Vash again was surprised to this time fine himself face to…nether regions…with a serving lady who struck him over the head with a mirror. As she ran screaming from the bathroom, she accomplished what the guard had not yet managed to and alerted the whole place to the presence of a thief. Vash, deciding that maybe this wasn’t such a good idea after all, grabbed a silver vase and a few vials of perfume for his trouble and made his rapid egress down the very privy from which he had just entered. Fearing the wrath of the law, Vash decided to run down the sewer to a more suitable place to get away. As he ran he was preoccupied with the idea of being caught by the guards. As a result of this, he didn’t notice when the main pipe gave out as it merged into a cistern. He fell suddenly into water filled with more than just filth. Upon clambering onto the hard stone slab in the center, Vash found himself face to face with the terror of the sewer, a thirty foot long venomous viper. In a drawn out battle of scaled-down epic proportions, the thief eventually slew the snake. Weary from fatigue and sickened from poison, Vash lost consciousness. He came to some hours later after having been washed down the sewer a ways. Still feeling the effects of his escapade, he climbed out of the sewer…only to discover that the town guards had tracked his progress and cornered him there. After thoroughly searching the area, the guards caught the gnome, now too weak to offer any resistance. He was carted off to a hospital to be bandaged and be given medicine to counteract the venom and any diseases he may have contracted. He was then unceremoniously dumped in jail to await trial for theft. Vash’s crappy caper ends with the other members of his guild being served with a bail bond in the anount of 1,001 gold pieces in the name of their imprisoned companion.

Chapter 4 Part II: Frontal Assault

The party found their way from the fort to a nearby town where they were met with the various oddities of the strange denizens, a people to whom the most pressing matters always involved vegetables. After resting and carrying on at the local pub, the party set out once again to investigate the large structure. They found though, that while their initial retreat was successful, their later attempts at stealth proved less so. While the party attempted to scale the walls of the fortress, they attracted the notice of a kobold guard, and the alarm was subsequently raised. Inside, a battle line of human and half-orc cultists formed along with some mephit allies to repel the attackers. Although Ernie and Ignus were beaten within an inch of their lives in the ensuing battle, the six adventurers ultimately routed the occupying forces. Unfortunately, the skirmish attracted the attention of a nearby army, and the party was forced to flee the flaming structure with more questions than answers. With them, they managed to take a chest of valuables and several small bags of assorted loot from the central room of the keep. Now at a reasonably safe distance away, the fleeing adventurers search for a place to hide and think over the day’s events.

Chapter 4 Part I: On the Road Again

The party left Cape Bracha in search of information about the mysterious Cult of Dagh’oreb. Their first destination was to be the cave where they had previously entered the land’s vast underdark after being lured there by the blue-robed cultists. While on their way however, the adventurers encountered a pair of mysterious figures robed in red. Believing them to be somehow affiliated with the cult of Dagh’oreb, the party chased them at length for some days time. After following the robed people for a sufficiently long time, eventually a large structure came into view.
Initially rebuffed by crossbow-wielding guards, the party decided to make camp a ways away and investigate under the cover of darkness.

Chapter 3: In Town

The party’s arrival in Cape Bracha saw them amidst the commotion of the unloading of a recently docked Imperial Highliner. The adventurers mostly kept to the comparatively deserted parts of town however. They were some of the day’s only customers at the blacksmith’s and the fletcher. At the local magic shop the psion enquired about others like him while purchasing some crystals to work with. Having performed his act well at the inn, Delam also managed to earn the party a free stay at the inn. After about a week, the party went to see the sheriff who told them that there is indeed a cult whose presence is problematic. As such, he offered them a reward for more information regarding the cult. With that, the adventurers set off in search of answers.


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